Wednesday, June 16, 2010

~the full days of May

The month of May was hectic. We had family visiting for two weeks, the girls finished school at the end of May, we traveled to the West Coast, appointments here and there, music lessons, plus the daily keeping up with meals, cleaning, etc.(which at random moments I may have been just a little frazzled, just a little:)
Seems like we are just trying to find our summer rhythm and truthfully we are not there yet. We have some things coming up this summer which involve major purging of junk and lots of cleaning-but right now I'm not going to think about that too hard. Instead I'll share some photos I took today along with a small list of things I'm loving, okay?

~flowers in our garden box

~peas, so good raw

~today's lunch

~things I'm loving

*this water, totally refreshing, no calories-a win, win

*Jack Johnson's new album

*this oil for my face (it's a bit pricey, but a tiny bit goes a long, long way)

*these shoes-they are awesome, really (especially on the treadmill)

Have a Happy Wednesday!


  1. Welcome back! Happy summer and I love your new blog design. :-D

  2. Thanks Libby, I wanted a new look for summer (:
    Glad to be back too!