Wednesday, August 11, 2010

goings on-part 2~ the food edition, mostly

Hey, remember I mentioned about eating more raw foods, well last night for dinner I had a collard wrap/roll and it was so good (similar to the raw kale wraps, but with salsa too). Really the hot weather just makes one crave for cool crunchy veggies, and sweet juicy fruits. So eating this way is definitely easier when the outside temps are in the nineties with unbearable humidity. Realistically though I know that I couldn't be a full time raw foodist because I like cooked food as well. I think it would be pretty tough to maintain a high raw diet in the winter, especially in a place that gets chilly-but like I said this is just me. I just love experimenting and I totally believe that you have to do what is right for your health, for yourself, and your loved ones, this is what I call liberation in eating!
Anyway while eating raw has been great for my dinners, we have been also clearing out our freezer because of our upcoming move. This clearing out included cooking up a turkey (a small one about ten pounds) that I had purchased about 2 years ago. I don't know if we are going to get that freezer all cleared out (alot of stuff is in there, hello-frozen apples from 2008?) so perhaps we will invite the college kids from our church over so they can have their pick of things-you know the college crew is always in need of food.
To tell the truth right at this moment in my life I feel a little overwhelmed. Our move is approaching fast, we are getting things packed, I want to make sure the kids are doing okay with everything as we get ready for the move, I want them to adjust well to their new environment, really I just want all of us to adjust well to our new home. I will also miss the wonderful friends I have made here in the Midwest. One friend (a friend I met through a fellow blogger) has been very special to me-I remember when her youngest was just a baby and now he's getting ready to turn three! Oh my, how I'm going to miss them. This will be the farthest that we have moved away from most of our extended family as well (we have usually been in driving distance to at least someone). Yet at the same time I am excited about moving to a new place and seeing the possibilities that await us there-prayerful and hopeful is were I'm at now days.

Well enough of this moving talk, lets get to the pictures-more foodie pictures (:

~berry flax smoothie (frozen raspberries, frozen fruit juice, fresh strawberries, ice, two tablespoons of milled flax and a squeeze of lemon-yum!)

~brewing sun tea

~visiting the Wednesday evening farmer's market

~milled flax

~a mango a day keeps everyone happy

have you had your mango today?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

goings on

this mornings coffee, originally uploaded by *nichole*.

lets talk~

*summer is going fast isn't it? Can't believe its already August but it is.

*our community garden is at risk of being taken over by the weeds. The heat and humidity are making the weeds grow like gangbusters, we can't keep up. Our squash and cukes have also been victim to this little creature, love the life lessons of gardening.

*I've been experimenting with eating raw-just for my dinners, really summer is just the best time for such an adventure-last night I had kale rolls (raw kale with chopped cukes, tomatoes, garlic, avocado with a ginger dressing)-good stuff, lots of crunch.

*remember this post, I'm still keeping my activity level up-even if that means that running/walking 3 miles still takes me an hour, Rome wasn't built in a day right?

*we are cleaning out stuff, packing and gearing up for a move, again~nomads we are!

so this morning as I drink my coffee, many things occupy my mind (make a list, make a list!) but I'm just going to take this moment and enjoy doing nothing-just for a moment.