Monday, October 11, 2010

after school....

~we walked to the park

~noticed that the leaves are turning

~played on the swings

~appreciated the vast blue sky

~walked back home with a little crochet work in hand

(our stay at the park was a bit short, because someone hurt their pinky toe on the play equipment-flip flops have been officially put away for the season).


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  2. It makes me breathe deeply seeing you guys playing out there in all that beauty. I love the new header on the blog too! Give those girls hugs from us.

  3. Sounds like a fabulous outing - minus the stubbed pinky toe! Glad to see some crochet in hand too. :-)

  4. Tara, I will definitely give them hugs for you all, xoxo!
    Yes, Libby I'm glad as well to see some crochet in my hands too-I've even been thinking about doing some knitting! I haven't done knitting in a long, long while because of all the moving, etc.
    I still have boxes of yarn and craft stuff packed in boxes (: