Monday, March 21, 2011

last week, this week....

~we've eaten quiche

~we've been hit by the cold/virus bug, drinking lots of tea with lemon and honey and taking cold medicines, my workout routine is also lacking now-really I should be in bed now but I can't sleep.

~we've been admiring the beauty of plants, forget clothes shopping- I'd rather go shopping at the plant nursery.

~we took enough cough syrup and a supply of cough drops in order to visit with a dear friend who was visiting in the area (from the Midwest), we had lunch at a great vegetarian restaurant (I told her to load up on elderberry syrup and vitamin C after our visit :) she's headed back home today.

I'd better go get some sleep, the kids on spring break this week and when these colds subside maybe we'll get to something a bit adventurous.
hope you are having a good week!


  1. gosh, i hope you're feeling better!

    i, too, enjoy shopping in the plant dept. my house is a bit jungly right now. :o)

  2. I do love me some quiche! The flowers are beautiful. Feel better soon Nichole's family!

    p.s. Our spring break is all the way in April after Easter.