Wednesday, March 3, 2010

playing with dirt

warm enough...., originally uploaded by *nichole*.

It was warm enough today that I was able to go outside and re-pot some plants (which are inside now because it still gets very cold at night), but even so being outside with some dirt on my hands felt good. The current warmer weather (being the mid to upper 30's, hey we're talking the midwest here) has got me thinking about which seeds I need to start indoors and all the pre-garden planning I still need to do. I think this year my theme for the garden will be less is more. Last year I tried to cram too many plants in my garden plot (uh, seven tomato plants in one row times 3-really what was I thinking!)
I know it will be best to spread things out, and I now have the realization that yes those little seedlings do actually grow, they need space. I love how gardening teaches me so much, really I love it so.

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