Thursday, March 4, 2010

tv definitely worth watching

Last night I tried to get most of my evening chores done early so I could sit down and watch Faces of America, hosted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
Really if you haven't seen this show you should try to (it comes on Wednesday night, check your local PBS listings). I have been utterly fascinated with how much information that Gates and his team were able to find out about each of their guests genealogy and how current technology (through DNA analysis) helps to uncover links to the past as well. In fact last evenings program even showed that some of the guests themselves were distant, distant relatives (which only tells me that we all may be more related than we think).
As a family last night we watched this program and it really got us asking questions about our own history, who we belong to-who did we come from? I love shows like this that actually make you think.

I've been fascinated with Gates work for awhile. I remember picking up a copy of the dvd African-American Lives from the library maybe about a year ago and just sitting on the couch for 3 hours looking at the program almost in its whole entirety-I was hooked.
So if you are looking for something educational yet fascinating to watch definitely check this series out.

(hey, I just realized that the last episode aired last night, but past episodes can be viewed at the website I linked above).

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