Tuesday, November 9, 2010

this week so far....

breakfast, originally uploaded by *nichole*.

The above picture is one of our breakfast on Sunday, waffles with homemade applesauce, a good way to start the week-don't you think?
We've also been working on fifth grade math (the distributive property). My oldest daughter and I worked on that Monday night- it took me back to my own grade school years and my lack of love for the subject, but I think by 9:30 pm it started to click- for the both of us.
Today the girls and I ate an early dinner right after school at Baja Fresh, then we visited the bookstore, and then decided it would be a good idea to get a sweet treat. Now its time to get ready for bed-I feel like night comes so early now with daylight savings time being over.
Other things I need to do this week include getting us some rain coats and some socks (the manager at Baja Fresh told me there are three seasons here, which are" rain, rain, and more rain-which somewhere in between is broken up with about fifty days of sunshine", oh boy, no wonder there is a coffee shop on every corner in town). The girls will start up piano lessons tomorrow. I found someone who teaches lessons in her home and she can teach the lessons back to back (before I was taking the girls on different days, but at that time my youngest had only half days in school). I'm hoping to get some more knitting done on my sweater this week too-I worked on it a little bit on Sunday. I don't want this new project to become a ufo!
You know, we've been in our new home for a little over two months and some days it seems more like home here than others. Change is very hard for me, I accept this, and I also realize that in the process I am growing, learning, and understanding that now matter where I am, God continues to bless us and gives us the grace we need.


  1. Oh, I love the distributive property!!! Holler if you all run into some other snags. I taught that grade for 12 years.

    I'm loving that you're finding a home in your new home, but all that rain sounds like a bit much. However, on the flip side, maybe it will wash all the allergens away. lol

    I'm finishing up ufos too. I never liked having too many around. My "I'm finished" signal is when they are completely crafted and photographed. If that hasn't happened, then it's not finished. I'm on the tail end of a fleece scarf. Check back soon!

  2. I'm excited that you have found a piano teacher! We have so many UFOs around here that we are practically our own solar system!

  3. Thanks Libby for offering math help, I may be "hollering" at you real soon(:
    Yes, I need your motivation when it comes to finishing up projects.
    Tara we had our first practice last night, super nice teacher!
    I think if we combine your ufo's with mine we would have our own galaxy!