Sunday, February 27, 2011

needing motivation

(just have to have color, bright too, you know)

early this morning, perhaps because I was under the fog of sleep, I got online and registered to do a half marathon in April. 13.1 miles. is this crazy? I can't tell you the answer to that just yet, but last night we were talking to some friends who had already signed up to do the marathon and they told me it would be a great experience (ah,the beauty of peer pressure). in fact one of our friends told us that he intends to walk the whole race. truth be told I've been struggling with getting down a regular exercise routine since our move (I'm so not consistent-I've been going to the gym once every two weeks and at times less than that!)
I guess it boils down to my strong need of external motivation. exercise and I have a strange relationship. I avoid it, mentally talking myself out of it-however there are those rare moments when I show up and "just do it" (thanks Nike for that one). Then as I work out I find myself liking it (especially when I have my music pumping), but what I love is that after workout feeling, if only I could hold onto that feeling. Well for this upcoming month that feeling is going to keep me going, it just has too.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Wow; great minds think alike! No, I haven't signed up for a half marathon (yet), but I did just post about running. Maybe it will help with the inspiration! I'm so excited to hear how your training and race goes! Best wishes ~ from one Nicole to another. :)