Friday, May 29, 2009

fresh from the market

"Fresh from the market"-really what does this really mean? I wonder this especially when I'm looking in the produce section of the grocery store. I am so glad now that I will be saying these words with confidence since the farmer's market is here. I love going to the farmers market seeing all the produce, flowers, homemade breads, pastries, spring rolls, kettle popcorn, crafts and just other plain goodness. This week at the market I purchased some herb seedlings, honey, radishes, cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce, kettle popcorn (of course that was the kids request) and some asparagus. Asparagus is so lovely isn't it? I love it blanched so that it still has some crunch. For part of tonight's dinner I made asparagus salad. All the veggies went well together-a nice spring/summer salad.

*two bunches of fresh asparagus
*4-6 small radishes quartered or sliced
*one cucumber sliced or course chopped
*cherry tomatoes quartered (as many as you like)
*two cloves of garlic minced
*feta cheese
*olive oil
*basalmic vinegar
*salt and pepper to taste

cut apsargus crosswise (I cut the asparagus four times crosswise,then discarded the tough ends) blanch in boiling water for two minutes only, drain. Dump asparagus into cold, cold water to stop cooking-then drain again. In bowl combine all veggies and garlic. Combine quarter cup of vinegar with quarter cup of olive oil. Pour dressing over salad, then add feta cheese (about half a cup or more if you like, I love feta cheese-its one of our fridge staples). Add salt and pepper to taste and mix salad.

We enjoyed this salad tonight, and I'll be making again real soon-just as soon as I get myself back to the market (and before asparagus season ends).

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