Saturday, May 2, 2009

planting and more simple sewing

It finally got warm enough to set out my large tomato transplant (this one is not from our seed starts, I bought this one). I don't think we should be having any threat of frost at night now, after all its May right?

These small seedlings are just getting some fresh air (just a little hardening off). I'll bring these inside for the night-I want them to grow out a little more before sending them out into the the real world full time.

And more simple sewing-a pillowcase bag! This idea was from the June 2007 issue of Martha Stewart magazine. Basically cut the pillowcase on the diagonal, hem the raw edges-sew the middle hems of the bag together, hem the bottom bag and voila', there you have a new bag. This is such a great summer bag, I could see using this bag at the farmer's market to carry lots of fruit and veggies.

The link for the bag is:
Don't you think you should make one?

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