Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the blogging thing

I'm a reader of blogs-quite a few actually. I tend to read blogs that deal with mothering, creativity, food making (and sometimes politics) because this is what is most pertinent to me and my everyday life. I have alot to chose from, blogs are everywhere-so why I wonder have I chosen to start a blog (about 2 weeks ago) when there are so many out here in the big universe of the world wide web? Well I think I may have a few reasons-

1) I think blogging may give me a better perspective, by this I mean that it can serve as a diary of sorts. Allowing me to see our days in a different way, and not totally just relying on my memory (which is a little sketchy at times, but I have the nagging tendency to remember the less than stellar moments of a day-yes I'm working on this). If I can just capture some of the regular low key life moments in words/pictures- perhaps everything won't seem to just happen in a blur (seriously it seems like each day goes so fast-see its already Wednesday!)

2) An outlet-blogging is an outlet. As a mom at home sometimes I have limited adult interaction during the days, so it is nice to see the voices of other moms out there just talking (rather typing) out thoughts, ideas, and questions. I have seen alot of positive support in the blogging community, and I think this such an important result of sharing one's own story, one's own ideas, even though we may have varying circumstances/situations.

3) It will help with my writing skills (I can hope right:)

4) I can share-so I think I should (like I was taught in kindergarten). I have received alot of inspiration from the blogging community so I think I shouldn't just be getting inspiration without giving any.

I guess thats about it with my list (I'm a total list person). So lets all continue to tell our stories, always remembering compassion along the way.

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