Saturday, April 18, 2009

sew simple, right?

I like crafts that I can just dive right in to-I do try to read instructions but really thats not my forte'. When I do read instruction books sometimes the words become a jumble and really the only way for me to work it out myself is to do it-you know what I mean?

So lately I've been doing a little sewing. As a novice sewer I have come to realize that sewing in a straight line takes lots of practice-lots (I for one didn't think that would be so challenging). Although the straight line definitely has not been perfected by me, I'm still sewing-still keepin' on. So I was able to sew up a simple spring bag (Simplicity pattern 2750), probably this pattern would take most people a day to make, however it took me about 5 days (working on it a little each day). I was able to repurpose an old sheet in order to make the bag. I've also been drawn into making some pinwheel squares. They are fun to make, but that quarter inch seam is something again that is challenging me. I've put tape on my machine to mark the seam allowance and that has helped alot, but sometimes the squares still come out a little off.

All this sewing has got me wondering how it would be so awesome to learn from some one (family, friend) than from a book and on my own. Most of us now days live far from extended family-you know the auntees, grandmamas, and the other loved ones who may be well versed in a craft or two. I think missing this type of crafting mentor/relationship only places in my heart the yearning to learn even more (even if by reading books and looking at an online videos)-simply with the hope of one day sharing some of what I know with my own girls.

So quarter inch seam, watch out, here I come!

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