Wednesday, April 22, 2009

log cabin it

Sewing up more squares-yes thats what I'm doing. Really I have no quilt in mind when making these squares, I'm just simply trying things out. I decided to make a log cabin square just because it looks so neat and is easy! Can't beat that. So I got all my strips cut out and then headed to the sewing machine (well headed to the sewing maching the following day). Once the center block is sewn together the strips are then just added to the block in a clockwise fashion. As I was reading about the log cabin squares I found out that the center represents the hearth and then the strips of fabric are layered aroung "the hearth"- I like that. Making this was fun and I'm sure I will make some more. I just like seeing how everything comes together at the end-how all those crazy patterned strips/colors come together as one cohesive piece, which kinda reminds me of family(:

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