Tuesday, April 28, 2009

playin' in the backyard

This weekend, in between the spring rains, we were able to venture outside for a bit, and it was good. Many days (too many I think) we stay couped up in the house trying to figure out what to do (a syndrome of many who live in the midwest). So to get outside is wonderful, freeing, and a sure way to lighten any mood. In fact one of my goals this spring/summer is to let the girls get outside more and to just experince good old fashioned outdoor fun-do you remember that? Now days outside play just has so much competition (computer time, videos, playstation) that it becomes a little difficult to convince the kids that outside play is worthy of their time (way more so than the forementioned items). I think that activities like tent building, jumping rope, kicking ball, running should be part of their daily summer play.

My motto this summer-"lets take it outside."

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