Sunday, October 11, 2009

a few glimpses of our Sunday

~apple pancake all done

~still making use of those apples, making an apple pancake

~getting the veggies home before the hard frost hits

~green tomatoes picked before the frost

I was feeling a bit under the weather earlier this week, having a bit of a sore throat just feeling blah-blah-but now I'm feeling much better and like my old self (this syrup was quite helpful in helping me with my blah-blah's). We finally had our hard freeze last evening (the official end of the growing season) and it promises to be a chilly day. My main plans for the day include~

*a little shopping (the kids need new winter coats and maybe I'll manage to find something for myself :)

*hopefully a little knitting (yes, I'm still knitting up my bag) preferably with a cup of this tea-which is rocking my world.

*relaxing on the couch this evening while taking in The Next Iron Chef.

Hope you have an enjoyable Sunday and see you soon,


  1. This apple pancake looks so delicious!!! Thanks for showing me a new tea. I L-O-V-E teas!

  2. Thanks Libby (:
    I found this tea one day at the library cafe and just loved it. Then I got a box for myself, its kinda of pricey but I can get about three cups of tea from one tea bag-really good stuff.
    Hope you had a great weekend~