Friday, October 2, 2009

ufo's and apple love

Its really chilly today my friends-I think the high today is going to be 50 degrees, 20 degrees below the normal high (I get most my weather news from NPR as I'm taking the kids to school). Right now I have on a skirt with tights, socks,and two shirts. I'm determined not to turn on the heat so soon into the fall season-I think we can manage to wait it out a little longer. Well this chilly weather is conducive to one of my long lost hobbies (which I well neglected this past summer) knitting! Yes I've started a new project, a project I hope will be finished in a reasonable amount of time, because well-my closet is full of ufo's (unfinished objects of the knitting kind) that need my attention but have not gotten it. Right now I'm knitting a bag, a bag for autumn. Once I finish knitting it I'm going to felt it. The bag is very colorful, that's how I like things of course, and I'm looking forward to a finished product, I mean it-I'm for real this time (:

On the kitchen front we have been making apple desserts. This week I got a bunch of apples from one of the teachers at the school, so last night for dessert with had apple crisp with cream. The hot apples with the crunchy topping topped homemade whipped cream was so good, so appley! In fact the girls, who are prone not to like cooked fruit, ate it up.

This weekend we are also planning a trip to the apple orchard with a group from church which should be lots of fun. The change of seasons is always exciting, seeing the changes in nature-the colorful magnificence of God's palette.


  1. My bedroom is like your closet, full of ufos of all kinds -crochet and knit. Let's finish them and feel proud of ourselves. :-)

    Enjoy your apple-trip~!

  2. Oh, this bag is going to be gorgeous. I can feel it! Ok, I might have to hold you and Alhana to finishing up those ufos. :-D