Sunday, October 4, 2009

a few glimpses of our Sunday~at the orchard

~two good

~good sense of humor

~ready for pickin'

~a sign for pumpkins

~pumpkins already picked

We had a great day at the orchard, which also included a tractor ride. I ended up buying close to twenty pounds of apples- the kids picked some, I picked some-so now its time to eat em' up and bake em' up (along with some frozen apples that I still have from last year-before freezer burn sets in, thanks Kirsten for the freezer burn alert).

Nichole's ode to apples
Apples, apples everywhere
crunchy juicy lovely fare
I eat you for a snack
then I come back
to bake you in a pie
and then everyone says "my oh my!"
fall begins with you
I know its true
that you're
so sweet
so tart
so crunchy
so many things rolled into one
so when I have a chance I pick almost a ton.
Apple, apples everywhere
Thanks you for the autumn goodness that you share (:


  1. What a great poem and what great fun you all had. Apparently this is apple pickin time! Can't wait to see the things you make. :-) I've been contemplating buying a pumpkin. I've never bought one or cooked with fresh pumpkin before. I might give it a try this season....

  2. I don't like pumpkins but I love apples. Sooo yummy! Hope you are baking some pies. :-D