Saturday, January 23, 2010

old sheets, will work

A couple a weeks ago I found myself wandering around the department store looking for curtains, I needed some for the girls room. As I kept looking through the curtains the prices (along with the styles) kept me from financial commitment. I then had that thought "why not try and make some". I also needed king sized pillowcases, so I decided to go ahead and sew some up too (I got one of the pillowcases finished, the other one is in the works).
Last weekend was the first weekend in a long while since I had time at the sewing machine, and it was time long overdue. I just took some thrifted sheets (along with some fabric squares for the pillowcases) and transformed them into what I needed~


curtains, homemade style

All in all I'm pleased with my small sewing projects after all I was able to incorporate the 3 R's-reduce, reuse, recycle.

yay for thrifted sheets!

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  1. Yay for you! The lady that taught me how to sew and crochet makes a lot of curtains from sheets. She sometimes even makes towels or pillowcases into valences. Repurposing is so much fun. :-)

    Happy Sunday!