Monday, January 4, 2010

a year in review~craft 2009

Here's a couple of things I have learned about myself from crafting,

~I'm a total process crafter, I can't turn out projects too quickly.

~I love color.

~I love inspiration from books, blogs, magazines-but can become easily overloaded.

~comparison isn't necessarily a bad thing, perfectionism is.

~I craft in spurts, basically just when I feel like it.

~I love giving something I made to someone I love.

Some of my crafting goals for 2010 include,

~taking a few more risks with both knitting and sewing
(I want to knit a sweater, yes a big but well-fitted sweater-cause I'm not on the small side, that's for sure).

~making more time to craft with others (fellowship with others while crafting).

~making the most of what I have already on hand.

All I know is that my yarn/fabric stash better get ready, cause I'm on my way (:

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