Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the community garden-photo update

here are my wonderful cucumber girls-they are always so excited when they find something that is ready to be picked

kale, chard, and lettuce-seeds sown late in the season, still growing, tasting good

dahlias, tomatoes, snapdragons, and watermelon-all squeezed in here. I over planted, I know that the watermelon is going to take up a lot of space, but its right next to the lettuce and chard area and once that is all harvested I'll leave that space empty for the watermelon to happily spread out

tiny verbena and more tomatoes-I love planting flowers along with the veggie plants

rainbow chard

the hot and humid weather has really got things going in the garden (that includes the weeds as well). Its exciting and the girls are so helpful, I'm so glad we decided to participate in this gardening adventure.


  1. Oh, I wished I had a garden this year. Do you and your girls feel like having company? :-)

  2. Certainly Libby (:
    We would love to have some company in the garden!