Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I can only imagine how it would be having a sister. I was raised as an only child so I mostly related to older folks at home when I was a kid. Now from my daughters I see that the sister relationship is one of both simplicity and complexity. Simplicity in that who else would be better to play with than my own sister, complexity in that I don't always want to play with my own sister. Intensity in arguing over wanting the same thing at the same time, intensity also in sharing and having so much fun as sisters together at the same time. Difficulty in figuring out how much room to take, difficulty in figuring out how much room to give.
However, despite all of this the one thing I know for sure about sister relationships is that they are special-only in a way that sisters can understand.


  1. Oh, I've seen and heard this story before. lol I don't have any sisters, but I've seen plenty in action. I always wanted a big sis, but I'm glad to have a big bro. :-)

  2. Beautiful post and gorgeous picture!

  3. What a lovely post : )
    I have two boys and a girl and two brothers myself, so I do not know of a sisters love except from friends who are as close as I would imagine a sister to be! I certainly relate to your writing as it seems to relate to all siblings in some way.

  4. I am also an only child venturing into unknown territory with my own two daughters. Their relationship is as complex as it is simple if that makes any sense. I love watching them bond and grow together and feel it is a gift I have given each of them.