Tuesday, June 30, 2009

more rhubarb tales and other kitchen happenings



So you see I have had some more rhubarb in the fridge since before our trip to Chicago last weekend, and being that rhubarb isn't all that popular around here (I've already told that story)- I was having a dilemma about what to do with the remaining stalks. I could bake something-but then I would be the only one to eat it, plus that would not be hip friendly. I could cut them up and put them in the freezer-but the possibility of freezer burn, very likely (as with the frozen onions that have been in the freezer for months now, but I know I will use them for something, right?). As my options were dwindling the thought of jam came to mind-yes jam! Yesterday morning I got to work and washed off the stalks-about 8 or 9, cooked them down with a little water, added sugar-about 2 cups and for extra bite I added some candied ginger and a small bit of lemon peel, I was looking for that sweet tangy combo in a bad way. I boiled this concoction down, put it in a jar (just enough for one jar) and voila' jam made.
Other kitchen happenings include making more salads, we are using the lettuce from our community garden. So for dinner I usually make a big salad and then the only thing else I have to prepare is the protein (for us that may include chicken, turkey, or goat) and a little rice.
I got a bunch of kale today from the garden and prepared it for dinner tonight. I sauteed about 2-3 cloves in olive oil along with a small touch of butter, added the washed greens to the pan-cooked the greens for about 7 minutes (shorter if the greens are young and tender, a little longer if the greens are older and tougher). Season with a bit of salt and pepper and your in business.
Summer eating, nothin' beats it!


  1. yummmmMMMM! I am totally craving kale now and it's not even 7:30 in the morning! The jam looks yummy too.

  2. I agree, there is nothing like Summer eating!!
    Yum! Rhubarb and ginger sounds realllly great : )

  3. Tara, I just remembered that the kale is called Red Russian, and the jam is tangy-seems like it would be good in sweetening up some tea (:

    Yes gardenmama summer eating is great, I like that its so easy. The rhubarb and ginger work pretty well together-I like to experiment even if I'm the only one who eats the experiments.