Sunday, June 7, 2009

summer top

summer top
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I got around to sewing a little summer top for my daughter. The pattern has only four pieces, but despite this I won't embarass myself in telling you how long it took me to get this top together (I'm sure this top could be made in 2 hours or less, but not by me :)
Bias tape is tricky, but I managed. The top fits and for that I'm grateful.
Here are some things I have learned from sewing with patterns-
*resist the urge of reading ahead in the pattern instructions-seriously. I say this because for me I usually need to complete the first step in order to see what the second step is talking about. So just go in order without trying to figure it all out -this will prevent headaches along with the urge to tear the pattern up and throw it across the room (I think).
*always have scissors and the seam ripper next to you
* if you use pins have a pin cushion or spare empty coffee mug next
you so that you have a handy place to put your pins (no one wants to step on a pin-ouch!)
*chalk up your first time making a pattern as a learning experience
(if it doesn't look exactly like you want). Yeah I know most of all this has already been said someplace-somewhere, but its good for me to type it out for myself. I like making things, but I don't want to get totally bogged down in perfection- after all perfection is over-rated don't you think?

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