Monday, June 8, 2009

a gardener's view

tiny, tiny
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Gardening has given me a new perspective on many things for instance:

*When I see that my neighbor has raked his/her yard and a nice big bag of leaves is now at their curb-those leaves are not just leaves-those leaves can be mulch and future compost!

*now I size up any plastic container that passes through my hands wondering if I can make a mini-hothouse or cloche' out of it.

*old newspapers and cardboard boxes are now saved because of their weed-stopping abilities.

*while eating Chinese take-out I realize that my chopsticks are the perfect tiny stakes for my small plants.

*even though my pantyhose always seem to fall apart on the first wearing-I don't stress to much I know they will do a better job in keeping my tomato vines in order (way better than they did in controlling my hips and thighs).

*I am now the trash police-before something is thrown away it needs an evaluation-evaluation on its compost making ability. Things that pass- apple cores, mushy lettuce leaves, onion skins-things that fail -greasy chicken bones, unidentified leftovers that have been patiently sitting in the back of the fridge for two weeks-sorry.

*earthworms are awesome!

*thining seedlings is a bit of a bummer, I want to keep them all.

*I remember to use what I can
do what I can
grow everything that I can
and can (or freeze) what I grow
and of course share some too.

what a view to have~

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