Thursday, June 11, 2009

growing food

tomatoes staked
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Probably you can tell I like growing things. Flowers, food, its all game. I think that this interest in growing food and gardening is deep in my DNA. Shannon at Nourishing Days asked about our food roots and how we can get back to them and this post is about our attempt. Growing up around my grandparents I got to see first hand the benefits of having a garden along with canning and freezing one's own food. For as long as I can remember my grandparents had a garden (even when they lived in the city). Now they live in the country and have lots of room to plant all that they please. When we visit I'm always fascinated by the latest gardening contraption my grandfather has made for his vegetable garden. My grandfather is in his eighties but still gardens with the vigor of a thirty year old, its amazing really. This of course has influenced my view of food. I want to have a hand (literally and figuratively) in the food I eat.
This year in addition to the small square foot box we have on our deck, we have decided to participate in a community garden as well.
The community garden gets full sun and there is alot of space available. It has been both a joy and a challenge to plant things in this garden. What I especially appreciate is that when I take the kids out there they get to see how the process of gardening leads to food. I do not want their relationship with food to be limited to the grocery store. So being part of this community garden along with the small garden box we have at home is all part of this process in finding our food roots.

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