Monday, June 22, 2009

food talk

current issue of MSL

cake mix

OK, so this past Father's day weekend we didn't make it out to IHOP for breakfast (we stayed out late the previous night-we went to the movies and saw Star Trek and to my surprise I loved it-go Spock!)
I did some cooking yesterday and of course that included making something sweet. After Easter Target had this particular cake mix on clearance. I had never seen this brand before and decided to give it a try-I bought two boxes of the vanilla bean bundt cake mix. I love that the ingredient list is totally readable, always a plus in my opinion. So I made this cake yesterday along with some whipped cream and berries and it was very good. The cake is nice and dense and the berries add a nice contrast to that denseness. In fact some of us even had a piece for breakfast today- I know, but the berries are full of vitamin C and antioxidants right?
Also I borrowed the current issue of Martha Stewarts Living magazine from my friend this weekend. I'm in love with all the summery recipes in this issue, in fact I have already decided that I'm going to purchase my own issue. Lovely ideas for meals out of doors and picnics and a pinch of gardening-all good stuff.
Our plans for today are just low-key, maybe some gardening and/or a visit to the gym, I think there is an elliptical machine waiting for me-after the pound cake and all :)


  1. Ok, now you've made my brain break the diet! lol! good thing photos in the computer don't let off smell, or else I would definitely be in trouble!

  2. I know what you mean CT-
    We all would be in trouble if food photos smelled as good as they looked (:
    thanks for the comment!