Tuesday, June 23, 2009

lunchin' outside

Despite the terribly hot weather and humidity yesterday (and see I've been wanting this hot weather for my garden) the girls wanted to eat outside. My natural instinct was to tell them that it was way too hot, but then I decided to go along with their wish. After all saying "no" at times gets a bit old.

They told me they want to do it again today-but popsicles are needed.


  1. Last summer I spent a lot of time checking the amount of times I said "no"...eating outside with popsicles is loads of fun (and entirely messy as well :) )

  2. I think the same way! And noticing the NOES is a tiring job but a fruitful one as well, because then we can pick our battles, and just say strictly the necessary ones.

  3. Oh I love the setup you have for your girls outdoors. I bet they had so much fun!