Monday, June 29, 2009

a visit to the windy city

children's art
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This past weekend we went to Chicago. We stayed downtown which was nice because it allowed us to be in walking distance to the parks, museums, and coffee shops (which is my requirement). On our first full day there I took the girls to The Art Institute of Chicago. This is such a wonderful place-very family friendly. The childrens area of the Modern Art wing offered art classes and there is an area for reading books and playing the computer (the computer games are all art related). We spent about 3 hours in the art museum-we loved it. Mostly the rest of the weekend was spent walking around the parks downtown and people watching. The kids seemed to be fascinated with all the street perfomers-guys playing drums, a roller skating angel, jazz musicians, and much more. There is always an excitement and energy that seems to surround city life. I also appreciate the cultural diversity that is inherent in large cities such as Chicago. One day at the park while sitting on a bench I just people watched-different shades, different sizes, different heights-people from everywhere.
For dinner every night we ate Senegalese food-talk about good! We just kept going back-grilled lamb, couscous, onion relish made with palm oil, plantains, cabbage-amazing food from a small vibrant restaurant.
So we had a nice visit to the city, but to tell the truth I don't think I'm a city life kinda of gal. I like open spaces and the slower pace of life-so nice to be home now.


  1. It sounds like a lovely trip! I'm so glad you guys had a good time. You'll have to tell us where to find the Senegalese restaurant. That sounds delicious and we'll be in Chicago a lot this fall. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!

  2. Sounds like a lovely trip!
    We are planning a trip to New York City I adore the cultural diversity that is so present there through the people, shops and restaurants and miss that at home but like you, I don't think I am a city girl i appreciate the quiet and wide open spaces : ) There is so much goodness to be found in both certainly!!