Wednesday, April 28, 2010

green smoothie Wednesday

Each Wednesday I think I'm gonna share with you my green smoothie (just in time for these warmer days of spring and summer). Today's smoothie consisted of watercress, strawberries, an old apple-peeled, unsweetened herbal brewed tea-that was left over from yesterday, a generous squeeze of lemon, and finally some agave nectar~

watercress was the new thing in the smoothie today, it's a bit peppery, reminds me of arugula.

~lovely lemon




  1. That smoothie sounds good. I need to do more of the same, but...when I was steeping tea in my coffee maker the other day, it spat out sparks and killed three wall sockets. Now I can't blend a thing (in my kitchen) until I call the electrician. Tsk Tsk

    I left you an award on my blog!

  2. The smoothie was pretty good, and very healthy tasting (:
    really I feel good after I drink them.
    I'm so sorry about your outlets, those sparks sound a little scary, glad everything else is ok.
    thanks for the award Libby, very sweet!
    (p.s. I still have something to send to you, its just that I'm known to operated on "nichole time" if you know what I mean:)