Wednesday, April 21, 2010

spring~full force

~one of my garden helpers

~peas in a cup, staked with chopsticks

~a chive flower soon to emerge

~dandelion seeds

~redbud in full bloom

a little planting, a lot of blooming, and a bit of sneezing-that's whats been going on around here lately.

hope you all are enjoying Spring in your neck of the woods (except for the sneezing part that is :)


  1. Oh, your garden is beginning to take form. I better get started on mine! I'd like to try a few new things this year. I haven't quite figured out which layout is best. We'll see...

    Lovely redbuds!

  2. yes the garden is getting started bit by bit.
    I can't wait to see yours too Libby. This year I'm a little more relaxed with the gardening (more on that later). A good layout is super helpful, last year I ended up putting my tomatoes too close together and it became a jungle, but at least I know better for this year (: