Monday, August 17, 2009

easy felting

~a page from the book Knitting for Baby

Last week my friend Tara and I had great plans to get the kids out to go blueberry picking. We drove eleven miles out of the city to get to the berries. When we got to the farm we were met by a nice gentleman who told us that blueberry season was over (next year we have to go by the 4th of July). We were sorely disappointed and on the spot we had to come with a back-up plan for the kids. The back-up plan was a trip to the library. We took the kiddos to the downtown library and hung out for awhile. While we were there I showed Tara this book that I had purchased several months ago. It has all kind of cute baby/toddler knits in it. Later that week I found myself wanting to knit something that would be finished fast.
That's when I came upon the cute felted balls that were in the book-a fast knit, instant gratification crafting- now that's what I'm talking about!
See I'm not a terribly fast knitter (in fact I'm just plain slow). I start things and they just seem to go on forever and really I don't mind (well at least I try not to mind). Yet, there are times when I want something done quick, you know, and these felted balls fit the bill.

~felted balls

I knitted one ball in about a day then put it in the washer machine for felting. I let the ball air-dry for about two days and then stuffed it for shape.
So I guess sometimes fast is good.

Have a beautiful Monday!


  1. Oh, I'm sorry that you couldn't get your blueberries, but I'm glad that a trip to the library led you to an opportunity to do some crafting. Your felted balls look great! :-D

    p.s. I have been given two eggplants. You have any good recipes? You can email me at nccu0598[at]yahoo[dot]com. :-)

  2. such a sweet project!!

  3. Oh Libby-its ok, now we know to go earlier for the bluberries next year. I do have some eggplant recipes for you too (:

    gardenmama thank you, I always appreciate your kinds words!