Thursday, August 13, 2009

making a list...

I need a list to help me focus in the kitchen or either I'll get off track (actually I need them for everything). I got most of the kitchen list done today except that I didn't get to make chocolate sauce -chocolate sauce is just a household necessity don't you agree? Maybe tommorrow for the chocolate.

~tomatoes for sauce

Now on to the veggies (see I'm balanced), I didn't know that even though what initially looked like a big bunch of tomatoes would really only made a small amount of tomato/pasta sauce. I am also currently playing a game called "How to impress the family night after night with the fabulousness of squash and zucchini", yeah as you've most likely guessed this game is getting a bit tricky. I did freeze some of the squash though yesterday-and when I went out to the garage today I found the Food Saver that my mother gave me on one of her visits-yay!
Listing making will resume tomorrow, of course.

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