Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday breakfast: green tomatoes and blueberries

This morning I sliced up some green tomatoes for frying. My tomato plants at the community garden were not staked well enough, so I had to use a bunch of twine, pantyhose, and more stakes to get the tomato vines off the ground. During that process I just went ahead and removed some green tomatoes so the plants would have less weight. I cut some of the green tomatoes up and put them in the jar with the pickles we made the other day (as the pickles lessen, I add more green tomatoes to the brine) and this morning I decided to fry some. I remember when I was young how my own grandmother fried green tomatoes-not only for breakfast, but for anytime. The crunchiness of the batter and the tartness of the tomato is so good.

~tomatoes getting a milk, egg bath then dredged through flour and cornmeal

~all fried up

I also whipped up some blueberry muffins, unfortunately it seems like my kids have a thing about cooked/baked fruit (so that only means more for me and the hubby :)
On most Sunday mornings I have a bit more time to make breakfast, and since usually the whole family is home that makes it even more special. During the week things are a bit more busy and hectic-so we may have cereal, a piece of fruit, boiled egg, just simple things. Sunday then gives more time for cooking, more time for eating, and most importantly, more time for just being.


  1. Ok, since I can't stop by for breakfast, I'll just imagine myself there through these glorious pictures! Oh, the tomatoes look so good and I know the muffins were yummy!

    My neighbor gave me some huge collard leaves, two eggplants, some tomatoes, and cucumbers from their garden on yesterday. Now, let's see what we can do.... :-)

  2. Libby stop on by next time!
    Wow collard green, I wish I had planted some.
    I can't wait to see what you make with your garden fresh produce-its nice to have nice neighbors, isn't it?