Thursday, August 27, 2009

small knitting

I was able to finish up a little knitting for a precious little someone, my dear new niece. The pattern for these baby booties is from the same book by Melanie Falick which has the pattern for the felted balls. See all that color, I need it-daily- and I know the little one receiving these will look so adorable in them.

So school has started for the girls and I'm feeling just a little overwhelmed, but its all good. I got up way early this morning and before nine a.m. I had~
*checked my e-mail
*put a load in the washer machine
*made breakfast
*washed dishes/started the dishwasher
*packed lunches
*checked backpacks
*bagged some tomatoes for the freezer
*helped the girls with better clothing options (its a bit cooler today)
*combed hair
*lotioned up faces
*drove kids to school

(I think I typed this list out so I could see what I've done so far today :) but regardless of my reasons for typing this list, I definitely think a little nap is in order. Who says that napping should be only for small ones, goodness-I think I need them even more now as I get older, how about you?



  1. Now, your life will change again since the girls are back in school. Today was the end of my second week, but the first week for the kids. I too need a nap. :-)

  2. Yes I get a little quiet time in the day now, my youngest started kindergarten (half-day) and she loves it! I think I'm having a harder time adjusting than she is (:
    Get some rest this weekend Libby!