Wednesday, September 23, 2009

fall days and meal planning (not so much)

~pumpkins in a patch, fall is here

Fall is here and it has greeted us with a bit of rainy foggy weather, which we needed some rain in the first place.
So far the menu planning has been a bust. I ought to know myself better, I cook from what I have on hand and sometimes its just easier to look in the fridge and freezer than to look through cookbooks to find recipes. That being said we do keep a lot of stuff on hand, simply because we eat a lot, a family of eaters-that's who we are. Tonight we had chicken breasts with garlic, curried chickpeas, potatoes and swiss chard with rice (not on the plan, but in my head).
Yet, I know that menu planning could work if I tried hard enough to make it work, but that's just it, I don't want to try too hard -I really think its easier for me to think about what to eat on the day we are to eat, and then go from there. As long as I keep cranking out the meals, keeping bellies happy, all is fine.

hey, I just had a thought after reading this, I guess I could look in the fridge and freezer before planning meals and base my meal plan around what I have, but such simplicity seems to elude me (:


  1. This post put a smile on my face. You are an amazing cook; I know it - with or without the planning process. Your family is blessed to have you. And, um, why didn't I get an invite for such a scrumptious meal? :-)

    * Sometimes when the mood hits, I go on a grocery store strike. I make lists of everything in my pantry/refrigerator/fridge and then plan meals accordingly. I see just how long I can go without going to the grocery store, with the exception of things like bread or milk. One time I didn't really go for about 3 months! I was getting tired of seeing freezer food wasted. It also helps that all my food in the pantry is organized on the shelf by types. (i.e. Italian, American, staples...) That way I know quickly if I have the right products for a particular style meal. My mom thinks it's insane, but it works for me. :-)

  2. I love the idea of the grocery store strike, because it lets one make use of the stuff already on hand-great idea!
    Thanks again Libby for the supportive comments, and next time for dinner, come right on over!