Sunday, September 20, 2009

a few glimpses of our Sunday

Sunday, the beginning of a new week. A day for both rest and attempts at organization~

We started the day with breakfast~
potatoes, yellow squash, venison summer sausage

the kids played outside for a little bit~

I sat down with my coffee mid-afternoon (I needed a little afternoon pick me up) and attempted menu-planning, can you believe it?

I'll let you know how this menu-planning thing works out for me, since I'm usually a crunch time type of gal (:

Hope you have a wonderful upcoming week!


  1. Yes, I will be curious to know how the menu planning works out. I tried it one summer and it was A LOT of work up front, but very fruitful throughout the week. Then, as usual, I fell off the wagon!

    I'm glad your girls enjoy crafting too and that blanket looks so comfy!

  2. beautiful photos nichole!
    I love the knitting outdoors photo!
    the potatoes and squash look really good, your making me hungry! : )