Friday, December 11, 2009

Advent-day 10

For Advent last evening our reading came from the book of Matthew, Matthew 1:18-24.
Again (like we had read in Luke previously) we are made aware of the obedience of Mary and Joseph. Obedience in such surprising circumstances. Mary to become a mother so young, Joseph to become a father to a child who is from the Father. Obedience is the result of trusting (having faith), faith in the Lord's will to complete the work at hand. So does faith result in obedience, or does obedience result in faith? Both work hand in hand. As I think about Mary and Joseph I admire tremendously their faithful obedience toward God.
After our reading the girls made cookies, chocolate chip in fact. After gobbling down a cookie each, they brushed their teeth and went straight to bed.
Today we managed to get out of the house. I warmed up my car for at least half an hour so it would be "thawed out". The girls went to school (I got them there by nine) and then I went to the big box store to get lights for the tree. I got the lights and also a couple of other things. One thing I notice about shopping at such big stores is how people have to often stand back to take in the selection of stuff. I was in one aisle looking for aluminum foil-but boy I had to really zero in on what I exactly wanted. Did I want heavy duty? lightweight? pop-up squares? 50 square feet? 75 square feet? recycled? which brand? and so on and so on. But of course this doesn't just stop with foil, its basically the same with other products. That's why when I go shopping at such big stores I feel like I spend so much time in them- trying to decipher through all the "noise".
I picked up the Reynolds wrap 50 feet, heavy duty, "same length in less packaging". Choice made.


  1. I just now saw that you're posting every day of Advent. This is BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to read through the posts I've missed. I miss you- hope to see you next week maybe?

  2. Definitely next week!
    We miss you all too.

  3. This was the reading for our Sunday School lesson for the 20th! :-)