Thursday, December 10, 2009

Advent-day 9

a candle above the kitchen sink

Hey there. Is it possible to have cabin fever this early in the snow season? Well I think I'm getting a bit of the fever this evening. The girls have been handling staying in all day pretty well (we ventured outside yesterday, not today-the high was 10 degrees I think), -but of course siblings do what siblings do-disagree, then agree, then disagree-again, then agree-again. And I won't lie, it sometimes gets the better of me, but hey it's all a part of growing up (says the mother who grew up as an only child, to herself all. day. long.
Well we did manage to get some more Christmas decorations up and finally we got the tree up. Seems like the lights have gone missing though, so I've got to get some more tomorrow. We like to put the lights on first before the other ornaments of course, but at least the tree is up.
Our reading for Advent last night came from the book of Micah, Micah 5:2. This verse discuses how a Ruler will come from Bethlehem, from the nation of Judah. I love to see how passages of the Old Testament come to fruition in the New Testament, and understanding even more the connection between them.
Hubby was in charge of the Advent treat/gift last night so the girls got ice cream with chocolate syrup (yummy)!
On the knitting front I finished a pair of hand warmers for my oldest girl~

just in time for winter I'd say.
Hope you had a great Thursday.
Stay warm!


  1. These gloves look amazing! Such a rich blue too. :-)

  2. Thanks Libby, I think now one is misplaced somewhere. Gloves and kids are an interesting combo.