Friday, December 4, 2009

Advent-day 3

We had our first snow last evening, just a dusting but its super cold out today.

Its feeling a little like December now (mind you it was about 60 degrees on Tuesday).
Now I wanted to share a little bit about how we actually celebrate Advent. Every night we come to the family room for our devotion, after devotion one of the girls takes down the date card from the calendar and then I have them both stamp the back of the card. The card then is placed back on the calendar with the stamp side showing, signifying that we are celebrating that particular day. After the stamping a small gift or craft ends the celebration.
For Advent devotion last night we read Isaiah 11:1-12. These verses discuss the Branch, the Branch that is from Jesse's family line. This passage describes the Branch-which is Jesus-as a tree that will take root and produce fruit. My favorite verse from this passage is~ "He will put godliness on as if were His belt. He'll wear faithfulness around His waist~ verse 5. I too should aspire to put on these garments in my daily walk with Christ.
The gift for last night included a small chocolate and a craft. We made a couple of felt flowers with craft kit I found on clearance at the store.

I often determine craft nights based on my energy level. Last night I was off from cooking so I had a little extra steam to make the flowers with the girls. I hope to continue to share a little bit with you each day about our Advent celebration. To me this is about record keeping-so I can look back and say "Ok, this is what we did on the 15th day of December." You know my memory needs all the help it can get.


  1. This is so wonderful. Do you have an Advent outline for the Scripture readings each night, or do you and/or your husband choose the verses for each night? Thanks for sharing the details of your celebration. :-)

  2. Libby we have a list of Advent Bible verses/passages that we use. We don't go in any particular order-we just pick a verse/passage from the list then we look it up in the Bible. Currently I'm reading a book called A Simple Christmas by Alice Chapin, which also has suggestions for Advent Bible readings.

  3. Thanks, Nichole, for replying. What I am so intrigued by is the quality family time especially at such a special time of year. I hope that your girls remember all of this and that it becomes a part of them. Maybe in the future if/when they have their own families (gasp!) they will be inspired by these very moments. :-)