Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Advent~day 8

Lots of snow today. We all stayed close to home and much wasn't accomplished. We did venture outside for a little, before the whipping winds sent us right back inside~

treats left for the many critters in our backyard

snow on trees
For Advent last evening we made the cinnamon dough ornaments (which I posted about yesterday). They are currently drying out in the kitchen. Once done drying we will stick some ribbon or string through the hole we made at the top of the ornaments so that we can hang them on the tree. We didn't get to our Bible reading last night, but we will get back on track -our schedule was a little wacky yesterday.
Today I tried to make homemade peppermint sticks and well that bombed. As soon as I poured the candy syrup out onto the parchment lined cookie sheet, it started hardening immediately. Now I have something that looks like peppermint brittle. I then tried to bake up some macaroons, and that too went awry. So today was not a successful baking/candy making day for me, but oh well. I did make some french onion soup and that turned out pretty well.

stock for soup

One out of three-not exactly passing, but at least it was our main meal that passed the test (:

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  1. Um, that soup looks and sounds delicious. I've not made that one before. I recently bought a big soup cookbook by Taste of Home. I think I need to just open the book and start trying out different soups. This is the perfect weather for it. :-)