Friday, December 18, 2009

Advent-day 16 and 17

I feel like we have been all over the place this week-here, there, then here and there again. I'm so glad it's the weekend and we have a little down time. The girls had there Christmas parties at school today-they did secret gift exchanges which was alot of fun. The busyness of the week has lead to the kids falling to sleep particularly early (Wednesday). We did get our Advent reading after we got home from our dance class last evening (I'm joining the girls once a week in a dance class, they're naturals, me-not so much). Our devotional reading was from Isaiah 9:2-7, which discusses the coming of the Son. After the reading the girls each received a small puzzle.
My weekend plans include making some toffee and baking cinnamon cookies as well as finishing up some gifts. In my closet of ufo's I found a scarf I was working on a while back, so I'm going to finish it up to give as a gift. I knew those ufo's would come in handy.

~the scarf, now in progress

~our Christmas stockings

~lots of twine for gift wrapping and holiday decorating

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I've been catching up on your posts! Wonderful reading, all of them. Now, how do you have the time to knit in all of your comings and goings? It's going to be a beautiful scarf. And, that's a whole lot of twine up there. :-)

  2. I just knit a little bit at a time-but since I have a closet full of ufo's most of the stuff is usually halfway knitted so I just finish it
    And yes that twine should last a pretty long time I'm thinking.