Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Advent-day 14 and 15

~amaryllis growing

~cinnamon ornaments on the tree

~homemade balm (made with coconut oil, lavender flowers, beeswax, and some essential oils
~a "snowflake"

~growing our tree
Monday evening our reading came from the book of Malachi, Malachi 3:1-4. These verses are about the Lord sending His Messenger, and how the Messenger will prepare the way for Him. After our reading, the girls had some tea and we read some winter poems from the book A Snowflake Fell.
On Tuesday night our reading came from the book Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon. We read the morning devotion for day 25 of December. My favorite quote from this devotional writing is~"The golden name, Immanuel, is inexpressibly delightful. God with us in our nature, our sorrow, our lifework, our grave; and now we with Him, in resurrection, ascension and triumph, and second advent splendor." ~how powerful these words are to me.
Things are slowly coming together as Christmas approaches. Most of my shopping for the kids is done (thanks in part to some online shopping). Flour, sugar, chocolate chips, nuts have been purchased for a weekend of baking.
What are you all baking up for the holiday?
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oooh, that balm looks quite intriguing. :-)

    I have to bake a sour cream pound cake in the morning. My mom is doing pies. I'm not sure what kind, but probably sweet potato and sometimes she makes Japanese fruit pies. She's also doing a homemade dressing. Then we have to drive our food to the next stop to give to her brother so that he can continue to take it to my grandma's. Why? Because my immediate family always attends the holiday services at church and since my grandma lives 4 hours away, we will (like always) be later getting to the dinner. So we send our food ahead of us. :-)

  2. Sour cream pound cake! I want some Libby along with the sweet potato and fruit pies (:
    It is so wonderful that you all attend holiday services at church (and very thoughtful to send the food ahead). Our church is pretty small and quite a few of our members have left for the holiday) but we will get together with some of the church members that are here. Then we intend on visiting some other friends as well.
    Have a blessed Christmas Libby!